Flag conservation

Flag conservation
Textile conservator, Gwen Spicer of Spicer Art Conservation at work

Saturday, March 20, 2021

A simple vacuum revolution

 I have recently had an 'Aha!' moment. I have always struggled with the small attachment tool for vacuuming. Untill now!

You know that wonderful, handy and inexpensive micro-tool that comes with the many small changeable tools. I realize that part of my struggle when using it, was the narrow-long plastic tube that linked the small attachment brush to the vacuum cleaner connection. It always seemed like I needed a third hand,  because two hands were needed to manipulate the tubes, but one was still needed for the tweezers, the micro-tool and the like.

Why does this narrow tube need to be so long, I thought? Really a new thought. The innovation is just to  cut the tube. So I did this, and Voila! Now less of the tube to manipulate, it simply connects the two sections of the micro-tool. Now, one hand is free to hold the vacuum attachment and the other for other tools that I might need, such as tweezers.


  1. Oh, my, such a simple yet elusive solution. Thanks for sharing. I have had the same problem and will now get my sharp craft knife and start whittling away.
    Alice Caggiano

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